Oh, Brother!

Susette awoke to a beautiful warm and breezy summer morning. After the birthday party the night before for her little brother Franz, she knew what was in store for her today. For you see, Franz received a brand new kite for his birthday from papa. He was so excited when he saw the present; he'd surely want to go to the park today to fly it. Susette, being the wonderful big sister she is, started getting prepared to escort little Franz to the park. No sooner than she put on her dress and shoes, came the knocking on the door. Susette could hear an anxious little voice say, "Susette! Susette! Can we go to the park?" Susette opened the door and replied with a smile, "Yes we can". Franz grinned from ear to ear and let out a "Yippee", then ran back to his room to get ready.

After a hearty breakfast, mommy gave her usual instructions on being careful to which Susette nodded politely and off they went. Franz being so excited skipped and whistled giddily all the way to the park. Susette loves her little brother very much and giggled watching him frolicking along.

At the park Susette held the kite while Franz let out some slack on the string. He waited for a big gust of wind and then started running in the opposite direction. As the wind caught the kite's midsection, a puff could be heard and up and away it went. The kite soared high in the air, as did the two siblings' spirits. What a wonderful time they had that day in the park. A day they'd both surely remember and recount to one another years in the future as adults.

The bond between a sister and her little brother is a special one. The nurturing sense of a young girl that carries on into adulthood to her own children. And of course, the infectious awe of a little boy discovering the wonders of the world around him.

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