2001 Line “Geburtstagsfeier” (Birthday Party)
Today is Beate’s birthday and she is having a party. She promised mommy that she would be really good and try not to spoil her beautiful birthday dress. Her parents gave her the greatest thing she ever received – a pair of diamond earrings and a necklace like mommy has and only wears when something really special happens - like when the stork brought little sister Adelheid and everyone got together to celebrate (of course Beate’s jewelry is only crystal). Adelheid wanted to give something really special to her big sister too and wrapped up her favorite toy – her little teddy bear “Brummi” that she cuddles with every night when she goes to sleep. Adelheid has a new toy now – a little doll called “Amanda”. Adelheid really doesn’t like to wear a dress, but mommy made a matching dress for Amanda. Adelheid can’t wait to show all the big girls! They surely will want to play with her toys.  They could help her decide which one should be her new favorite! Beate is proudly wearing her jewelry and hugging Brummi. She can’t wait to show them to her best friend Charlotte who just arrived. Charlotte has been anxiously awaiting Beate’s birthday. Her mother helped her put on her blue silk and lace Sunday dress and curled her hair. Charlotte’s grandma made a really nice doll with a crocheted little dress for Beate, called Ilsa. Charlotte can’t wait to see the look on Beate’s face when she gives it to her. Charlotte has also brought her baby sister Mariechen and her cousin Erika to the party. Mariechen is so happy, she can’t stop smiling, because she gets to go to the birthday party and spend the day with her best friend Adelheid. Mariechen has brought a plush kitten for Beate named “Kuschelchen” - Snuggles . She hopes Beate loves Snuggles as much as she does. Erika has brought a dolly named ”Stephanie” with lots of blond curls, who is one of her favorites. Erika’s friends call her Pummelchen for her chubby cheeks, which always makes her smile. Erika, Charlotte and Beate are all about the same age and talk big girl stuff while Adelheid and Mariechen play with all the new toys. Now that everyone is at the party Beate’s mommy can serve the cake and the girls can celebrate Beate’s birthday.

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