Sabina is an inquisitive little girl who lives in a very big house. Her favorite place to play is in the large old-fashioned attic. The attic’s large oval-shaped window provides plenty of light and a cool breeze in the summer. Sabina loves exploring the attic with all its boxes and chests full of old family heirlooms.

The attic is where Sabina met Albert the Bear. Albert lives in the attic and knows the locations of all the best things to play with. Sabina loves to dress up in old silk and lace costumes that Albert helps her find. Albert especially likes to play tea and crumpets time (well he actually likes the crumpets time … lots of crumpets). Mommy sometimes wonders how little Sabina can eat so many crumpets, but we know better. To thank Sabina, Albert gave her a beautiful pair of earrings. Sabina loves her earrings and wears them all of time. Whenever mommy asks Sabina about the earrings she just giggles. Sabina’s imagination runs wild listening to Albert’s stories over a cup of tea … and crumpets of course.

We’ve all had our own imaginations run wild when we played with our special friends as children. These innocent playtimes that shaped our character and made us all the people we are today.

If you look now really hard you too may see Sabina playing with Albert...

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