Natalie the Shopkeeper

Natalie is an enterprising little girl who runs her own antiques shop. With her freckled face and look of determination she’s one tough negotiator, even though Natalie’s customers only are the occasional Bru and Jumeau that happen by her trendy little downtown boutique. Sometimes even a teddy bear drops by, depending on her mood (you know how little girls are).

This afternoon two well-dressed ladies have stopped by the shop. Natalie can size up her customers with her trained eye. She asks, “Can I help you ladies with anything today?” The smartly dressed Bru replies, “No thank you, we’re just looking”. Meanwhile the Jumeau points out the most elegant tea serving set to her friend. Natalie being the experienced shopkeeper that she is, detects this subtle interest and says, “Oh Madame, you have the most exquisite taste, I see you’ve noticed my best piece in the whole shop. That tea serving set is made of the finest porcelain and comes from Meisen.” Natalie knows to say this, because every time she tries to entertain company with mommy’s finest she hears, “Natalie don’t you touch those tea cups they come all the way from Meisen” (wherever that is). The current transaction is interrupted by mommy’s voice coming from the kitchen, “Natalie... Natalie...”. Natalie turns to the ladies and says, “Sorry ladies, I’ll be having to close for lunch, but I’ll be opened later this afternoon. She then hangs her ‘Out to Lunch’ sign on the front door and runs off to see what yummy dish mommy has made for lunch. Even the toughest businesswoman has to eat lunch sometime.

Remembering back the glorious times we’ve all spent as children in the world of our imaginations. Countless afternoons of studious play, sometimes even dreams of our future endeavors that later came to pass. Maybe deep down there’s a shopkeeper in all of us. As for Natalie, she’ll be opened later this afternoon if you should wish to drop by the shop. You may want to hurry though, if you too are interested in the tea serving set from Meisen ...

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