The Pastry Shop

Marlena sells the finest pastries in town. She has a thriving business in a quaint little shop downtown. Business has been so good she hired an assistant, Mrs. Freundlich. Mrs. Freundlich helps with the customers and does some of the baking, but being she's a bear it's kind of like having a fox guard the hen house (she really loves the honey).

Today a beautiful Jumeau has come to the shop with her little girl Nancy. The little girl presses her nose to the shop window and peers in at all the goodies on display. "Can I help you?" inquires Marlena to the Jumeau. The Jumeau responds, "Yes you can, I need a cake for a party I am hosting at my home. What would you recommend?" Marlena swells up with pride as she prepares to suggest her house specialty. "My Schwarzwaelder (Black Forest) cake always goes over well at a gathering", touts Marlena. "Oh, that does sound delicious," replied the Jumeau. "I would also like some pastries", added the Jumeau. Marlena pointed to her Berliners and said, "these are wonderful with a cup of tea". "Okay, I'll take half a dozen", replied the Jumeau. Marlena had Mrs. Freundlich get everything ready while she went to the counter and removed a mandel (almond) cookie from the case. She approached little Nancy and said, "this is for you sweetie". Nancy's eyes opened wide and a big smile beamed across her face. She eagerly accepted the cookie and took a big bite. "Mmmm…", exclaimed Nancy in delight. "Now say thank you", instructed the Jumeau to her baby. "Thank you", replied a grinning Nancy and everyone said their parting good-byes.

Just at that moment Marlena heard a familiar voice. "Marlena, come for lunch!" called her mommy. Marlena, hungry from seeing the little girl with the cookie, wasted no time. She hung her out to lunch sign, bid ado to Mrs. Freundlich, and hurried off to join mommy in the kitchen. After all, even a busy businesswoman deserves to get her own just desserts…

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