Mariela is a happy little girl who has just received a Bleuette dolly for her birthday. Her grandma made her a beautiful dress special for the occasion and her mommy fixed her hair with a pretty silk bow. Mariela's Bleuette is dressed in her best and has her presentation box complete with all her accessories. The Bleuette has brought her mohair bear friend to accompany her to Mariela's birthday party. The two girls will be the belles of the ball in their fancy dresses.

Mariela's mommy has baked a delicious cake for the gala. She invited all of Mariela's friends including Juliette and Amalia who are also bringing their Bleuette's to the festivities. For you see, this is a special birthday party for Mariela and Bleuette. Bleuette (although she doesn't show it) is celebrating her 100th birthday on this occasion. Mariela, Juliette, and Amalia will all make sure their Bleuettes have a birthday party to remember.

We can all remember those special dollies we had as children. They provided countless hours of playtime companionship and the opening of an ever-expanding imagination. It's my privilege to pay tribute to the timeless Bleuette on this her 100th birthday.

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