Sunday afternoons are a special time for Lauren. This is the day her and her friends hold their doll club meeting. The affairs are held at a different girl's house every week and are catered by their mommies, of course. The girls all bring their favorite dolly and chat over tea and Little Debbie cakes.

The highlight of the soiree comes when each girl tells the group what her dolly did during the week (as we all know little girls have some imaginations). When Lauren's turn comes to speak, she stands in front of the group and lovingly looks down at her Baby Hilda. Hilda has always been her favorite dolly even though someone gives her a new dolly on her birthday each year. There's just something special about Hilda that Lauren has fallen in love with and she knows she'll always have her close by her side. Lauren commences to speak and tells the group an elaborate story that includes shopping, going to grandma's house, helping a neighbor and, of course, getting ready for the weekly doll club meeting.

We've all had those special toys as children that we spent countless hours with. Back then we promised ourselves that we'd never part with that special friend. For some of us that promise was kept and our special friend has become a family heirloom, while for others there's always the chance of a reunion on Ebay.

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