Kali - Springtime

Kali lives on a small farm with her mommy and daddy. She's very acquainted with all of the animals on the farm. One morning after finishing her chores, Kali went down by the pond. She spotted some hatched eggs in a nest under some bushes. Upon a closer inspection, Kali found one egg not hatched. She looked around for a mother with her chicks, but saw none. She immediately scooped up the egg and took it home to her mommy (Kali knew she'd know what to do).

Kali's mommy told her to keep the egg warm under a light and maybe something would happen. Kali's daddy setup a light for the egg to stay warm. When Kali went to sleep that night she said a little prayer for her new found baby. The next morning Kali awoke to a chirping sound. She sprang out of bed and went over to the table where the egg was. To her delight there was a little chick freshly out of its egg. She knew right away the little baby goose was hungry and went outside in the morning dew and found some earthworms for breakfast.

Over the course of the next year Kali grew a little taller, but her goose friend Lucy grew to be gigantic. They shared many afternoons at the pond with Kali on the shore and Lucy gently gliding on the water. As springtime approached a new excitement took hold of Kali. It was time for her to meet her friends again in the park. This year Kali has a big surprise to show them. Kali's friends Thea, Kira, and Berti will all be amazed by the beautiful goose Lucy has grown up to be.

Sharing those special things in our lives with close friends makes it that much more special.

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