Heidi can't hold back the smile from her face. She is so excited to be going on her first stay-over at grandma's house. She has packed her suitcase with all of her "bear" essentials. This includes her nightgown, slippers, and favorite teddy bear. Heidi's best friend Bonz is also excited to be going. He's a light traveler and has trimmed what he's taking down to the bare bones. That is of course his favorite bone that he's placed in Heidi's suitcase.

Heidi picked grandma a bouquet of flowers from her neighbor's garden. She knows Mr. Blumen won't mind, because he has lots of flowers. Grandma calls Heidi her little buttercup so what better present to bring her than pretty flowers. Grandma has a big house with many of rooms to play in. Heidi and Bonz will have so much fun at grandma's house together, they don't know if they'll ever want to go home. Well, we all know how little girls are, Heidi will probably be homesick for her mommy by bedtime.

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