Emma the Florist

Emma's an early riser who enjoys her work. She has run her own flower shop for years and years (well okay, not for that long since she's only a little girl). She loves working with flowers and is very good to her one employee Mr. Strauss (a very appropriate name for a bear working in a flower shop). Mr. Strauss is Emma's assistant who she met one day in the forest while collecting flowers for the shop. After a wonderful conversation Emma offered him the position in the store. Mr. Strauss works for peanuts (well it's more like honey) and also the occasional Salmon (his personal favorite). Together they spend the day making arrangements and catering to a well-to-do clientele.

The little bell on the front door jingles and Emma looks up and smiles. "Good Morning Madame, may I help you with something?" said Emma to the elegant Bru that just entered her shop. "The flowers all smell so wonderful this morning", replied the Bru. " I would like to buy some flowers to take to a friend's house today", continued the Bru. " My friend is a little under the weather and I would like to take her a bouquet to cheer her up." "Oh that's a lovely idea, flowers can brighten up even the glummest of days", responded Emma. "Let me check with my assistant to see if he's made up some bouquets of freshly cut flowers."

"Mr. Strauss", called Emma. Her assistant emerged from the backroom of the shop and answered, "Yes Emma?" "Mr. Strauss have you fashioned any bouquets this morning?" inquired Emma. Mr. Strauss responded that he had and handed Emma a lovely bouquet of flowers, which she presented to her customer. "They're beautiful!" exclaimed the Bru; "These will do just fine!"

Mr. Strauss moved alongside the carriage and looked in on the baby bear inside and said, "What a lovely baby you have Madame." "Thank you", replied the proud mother. "We're going to visit a friend who isn't feeling well, but your beautiful arrangement will surely bring a smile to her face. Emma went to the register and rang up the sale. The Bru was so pleased with the bouquet that she gave a little something extra to Mr. Strauss (who refused at first, but caved in at the thought of the Salmon he could buy for lunch with it). Emma smiled with pride at the Bru's excitement over Mr. Strauss' bouquet. After all, when Emma first met him he couldn't tell the florist from the trees.

We've all had those special co-workers that are so enjoyable to be around they make work seem like it's not work at all. This is how Emma feels about Mr. Strauss even though he has been hinting about a raise, Emma knows it will only take a little bit of honey to keep him on the staff …

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