Daniella's Birthday Bleuette

Daniella is an outgoing little girl with many friends (most of them imaginary mind you). Her favorite playmate for years has been Harry the Rabbit. Daniella and Harry have been through thick and thin together. All of this changed though when Daniella received a Bleuette dolly from her grandma for her birthday. The Bleuette was the most beautiful dolly Daniella had ever seen. Grandma made a special dress for the Bleuette that matched Daniella's Sunday best. The two of them were quite a sight to behold.

Even though she still included Harry in all the daily playtime activities, it just wasn't the same. Harry was accustomed to Daniella's undivided attention. She would seat him at the head of the table for teatime. He would be served the first muffin hot out of the oven (easy bake of course). He was A number 1 until the Bleuette had arrived. Harry felt something had to be done and fast or he'd end up on the shelf with all the other old favorite playmates.

One day Daniella's Bleuette was crying for her teddy bear called Weisschen. Harry thought that if the Bleuette carried on long enough, Daniella would get tired of listening to her whining. So he found Weisschen and hid him out of sight. Daniella looked everywhere for the teddy bear, but to no avail. She even asked Harry if he'd seen Weisschen and he said he hadn't. Just when Daniella thought all hope was lost she looked at the mirror over Harry's shoulder and lo and behold there was Weisschen being held behind Harry's back. She suddenly realized why she couldn't find the bear. Daniella coyly asked Harry again if he'd seen the bear. Harry knew the jig was up and being quick on his feet he pulled the bear from behind his back and proclaimed,"Oh look here he is, I just found him!" Daniella graciously accepted the bear, thanked Harry, and returned him to the Bleuette.

Daniella understood why Harry felt a little neglected. She gave him a big hug and told him he'd always be her favorite friend. Harry hopped away and gave his tail a little wiggle as he went around the corner. Daniella smiled and knew everything was going to be just fine.

We should all give our friends a big hug once in a while. For even our best of friends need a little reminder that they are always in our hearts.

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