Camille loves to take her baby bear Wendy for a stroll in the park. The early autumn air feels so nice and the changing color of the leaves is beautiful to look at. Even though the sun is out, Camille takes a blankie just in case Wendy gets cold. She takes very good care of her little baby.

As they stroll through the park, Camille and Wendy both wave and give cordial hellos to all the friends they pass by. Camille loves to walk Wendy to their favorite bench overlooking the lake. From this vantage point they observe all the happenings. They see the squirrels busy making their early winter preparations. They hear the birds singing their wonderful songs and sometimes even see a bunny peek out from behind the bushes. The day feels like it lasts forever when they go to the park.

As children we’ve all had those special places we go to spend a carefree day. When time seemed to be of an endless supply...

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