Anabel is a precocious little girl who loves to awaken early every morning.She rises before the rest of the family and dresses herself so that she can go out into the garden. Anabel loves the garden behind her house. She loves to play barefoot in the morning dew and feel the arrival of each new day. All the possibilities of new experiences are what make Anabel eager to start the day.

There is also another reason for Anabel’s early expedition into the garden. Come a little closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear ... she has a friend there that only she can see. Some may say it’s an imaginary friend, but Anabel knows better. Anabel’s friend could be described as a cross between a bear and a mouse. What her friend is Anabel cares not, she only knows his name is Gilmore. How does she know this? ... Well he told her so of course. Anabel loves to spend the morning playing with Gilmore in the garden. She usually brings him a little snack (cake is his favorite – chocolate especially). Gilmore in return makes Anabel a flower wreath like the one she is wearing. Anabel once tried to show mommy Gilmore, but was surprised to learn that mommy couldn’t see him. As it happens to be, only children pure of heart can see Gilmore and his friends.

As we all grow out of the innocence of childhood, we’ve all had to say goodbye to those close friends that we too could no longer see. Anabel might not believe Gilmore existed herself, if it weren’t for the beautiful flower wreaths he gives her each new morning.

If you look now really hard you too may see Anabel playing with Gilmore...

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