Thea - Springtime

Thea and her best bear friend have waited a long time for winter to pass. Months spent looking out the window at mountains of snow (well what looked like a mountain, to a little girl). Now finally spring has come and the snow has all melted away.

Thea is especially eager for spring to come this year because she wants to wear the new dress that mommy got her. Mommy said, "a young lady in such a beautiful dress needs a beautiful hat to accompany it"(Thea is still waiting for the company to come over).

Thea has decided to go to the park on this first lovely day of springtime. Thea and her teddy bear will meet up with her friends Kali, Berti, and Kira. The girls have been friends for such a long time that they can't remember a time when they weren't. Thea is eager to learn what the girls have been up to. She knows Kali will be coming with her fluffy goose friend. She's heard Berti has a funny new marionette and that Kira has a new baby named Brisa. It's sure going to be an exciting day.

We all know the expression "hope springs eternal" and viewed from the eyes of a child it rings true. When remembering back to those simpler times when a new dress or pair of shoes was enough to elicit such excitement (some of us still get that way about the shoes) brings back a warm feeling. It's through the eyes of a child that hope springs eternal for all of us.

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