Oh brother!

Isabelle and Johann are like two peas in a pod. Isabelle loves to play with little Johann and takes him wherever she goes. Johann always has fun with his big sister and learns new things from her every day. He especially likes when she reads him bedtime stories and makes funny voices for all the different characters.

Now Simone and Grumpy are another story. Simone loves her little brother Grumpy, but always has a hard time with him. Grumpy does what he wants to do and poor Simone always has to keep an eye on him. He’s an explorer and when they go out somewhere he’s always looking for some adventure. Being that Grumpy is still little he usually needs a nap come noontime. If he doesn’t get his nap on time then look out, you’ll soon learn where he got his namesake. No matter how much trouble he gives Simone she still loves her little brother.

The two girls have been friends for some time now and enjoy getting together on Sunday afternoons for the occasional tea party. Johann likes to play this game since he gets to eat his favorite cakes (served with tea of course). Grumpy on the other hand wants no part of the little gathering. He’d rather be playing outside and getting messy. The only thing that keeps him in his seat is the delicious chocolate brownies Isabelle’s mommy makes for the party. Grumpy in his excitement sometimes gets more brownie on himself than in his mouth. When all is said and done a fun time is had by all including the chocolate-covered Grumpy.

The special bond between a big sister and her little brother brings out the early nurturing character of little girls. This bond lasts a lifetime and no matter how big or old the brother gets he’ll always have his big sister there to lend a helping hand...

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