Mari and the Twins

Mari is a little girl with a big heart. One Sunday while visiting her grandparents' farm to pick up vegetables, she came upon two bovine siblings (a boy and a girl). They were pink as could be and were just having a ball rolling around in the dirt together. She asked her grandpa if they could go home with her. He sadly replied that they had been sold and the new owner was picking them up later that afternoon. Mari replied, "Well at least they'll have a good home." Grandpa then said, "Oh honey, the new owner has a restaurant and these pigs will end up on the menu." Mari gasped and said, "Grandpa you can't let them eat Pinky and Binky!" "Who?" asked grandpa. "Pinky and Binky, the little piggies", exclaimed Mari. "Oh honey, there is nothing I can do dear, they were sold and I am a man of my word", replied grandpa consolingly. Mari's heart sank to the ground as she walked back to the family car.

Before Mari could make her plea, her mommy asked, "Did you put the basket of vegetables in the back of the car dear?" Mari replied, "No momma", in a sullen voice. "Well you'd better go get them as we are going home soon", mommy said in a hasty tone. Mari was going to say something about her new friends, but knew there was no time - and then an idea popped into her head. "Okay momma, I'll go and fill up the vegetable basket", Mari said with a gleeful giggle.

Upon seeing Mari carrying the heavy load her daddy asked if she needed some help. Mari smiling quickly said "No daddy, I can do it, I'm a big girl." Mommy and Daddy both smiled and having said their good-byes to grandma and grandpa climbed into the front seat of the car. On the way home mommy asked Mari if she had a good time. Mari replied "I had a great time and I am sure when I get home it is going to be even better." Mommy and daddy looked at each other a little puzzled. Just then a little snort sound could be heard from the back seat of the car. Mommy said, "What was that?" Mari replied "Oh, excuse me, I have the hiccups."

Well needless to say, Mari had the hiccups all the way home. When mommy and daddy finally did discover no vegetables in the basket, they weren't too pleased. After hearing Mari's story though, they thought it was sweet she saved the piggies and they reimbursed grandpa for the sucklings.

Sometimes we meet new friends not under the best of circumstances. It doesn't matter though, for from hardships the best of friends can be forged. It's a friend through thick and thin that's a true friend indeed.

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