Lina and Buttercup

Lina always enjoyed her summer strolls through the park with her baby Bree. On one particularly beautiful day, a scruffy looking kitty that was meowing away approached Lina. After being circled and rubbed against, Lina knew that the kitty must be really hungry. Her motherly instincts kicked in and Lina gave the kitten some milk from her baby's bottle. The kitty was so happy that she purred and happily followed Lina all the way home.

Lina took the kitty inside and cleaned her up. She put a collar on the kitty and then asked her mommy if she could keep her. When mommy saw the kitty, she immediately asked who owned her. Lina replied that she didn't know and that she found her in the park. Mommy said that such a beautiful and well kept kitten with a collar must be someone's pet. Lina realizing mommy didn't know the collar was from her asked, "Can I keep her until we find the owner?" Mommy said, "Well okay, but you'll have to put some flyers up at the park for a lost kitty." Lina smiled and said that she'd get right on it. Lina named the kitty Buttercup (after her favorite flower) and knew they were going to be friends for a long, long time.

Sometimes fate introduces us to new friends that turn into lasting relationships. It's up to us to open our hearts to those opportunities and receive these wonderful gifts.

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