Klara lives on a farm with her mommy and daddy. Although she's little, she helps out with the chores and especially enjoys being around the animals. There are many animals on the farm including cows, chickens, pigs, and horses to name a few. However, her favorite animal is one that only she can see and hear. This animal is Oliver the Bear and he's Klara's best friend.

Klara first met Oliver in the hayloft of the family's barn. He had made quite a spread for himself there. Klara needing some hay for the horses went up to the loft and was greatly surprised to find Oliver sitting there with his face in his paws. Klara asked (not expecting an answer mind you) "What's the matter Mr. Bear?" To her astonishment Oliver lifted his head and replied, "I haven't any friends at all". Klara's eyes opened as wide as can be and she exclaimed, "You can talk?" Oliver with a perplexed expression replied, "Yes, I can and have had the ability for as long as I can remember". Klara next inquired, "What's your name?" The bear perking up now answered, "Oliver, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance … umm Miss?" "Oh, my name is Klara", she replied to his prodding. They became instant friends and upon further conversation, Klara had learned Oliver had just moved out on his own. He came to Klara's family farm, because it looked so beautiful to him as he was traveling through the area.

From that day on Oliver would help Klara with her chores so that they would have more time to play together. Mommy and daddy would comment to one another on how Klara finished her chores so quickly. As a reward Mommy took Klara into town to buy some material to make her a new dress. Klara picked out her favorite pattern and asked Mommy if she could get some extra flower trim. When Klara got home she made a necklace out of the trim for Oliver. Klara wanted her best friend to also get a reward for a job well done. When Klara gave the necklace to Oliver she could see his eyes swell up with tears. Trying to hold back the waterworks, Oliver said, "This is the nicest present anyone has ever given me". Klara gave him a hug and they spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the edge of the loft (with their feet and paws dangling down) just shooting the breeze.

The magical times of childhood we all remember are still around us. When we become adults they're just a little harder to see. But if you try real hard and believe, you too can see Klara standing there holding Oliver's paw and smiling…

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