Kira - Springtime

Kira was thrilled when her mommy brought home baby Brisa. She fell in love with Brisa instantly, with her little pug nose and big bright smile. Kira loves dressing up Brisa and taking her for a stroll in the park in her carriage. Brisa laughs and points at the ducks as they float on the lake. The springtime air so full of life after the chilly winter, makes Kira wish the day would never end. Mommy says the two of them are like peas in a pod and are inseparable (what ever that means). Kira likes telling Brisa stories when they're sitting in the park. The twinkle in Brisa's eyes lets Kira know how entranced the baby is in hearing the tale of a princess in a far off land. Kira enjoys a good story herself and loves getting together with her friends Thea, Kali, and Berti.

As this year's springtime rolls around Kira is especially excited for she'll get to introduce Baby Brisa to all her friends. They meet in the park every year to catch up on each other's goings-on. This is the first year that her friends will meet Brisa and Kira has heard her friends have a few surprises of their own. Her friend Thea has a new bear friend Jodie, while Berti has a new marionette friend and last but not least, Kali has a new baby goose friend. It's sure going to be interesting conversation over tea in the park this year.

Sharing with friends is always a good time, especially with those friends that are close to our hearts. As each year passes we all get a little older and a little wiser and our love for our friends grows a little deeper.

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