Amalia and Juliette - Birthday Bleuettes

Amalia and Juliette have been best friends for a very long time (well, for as long as they both can remember). The girls have always gotten along gingerly and share everything they have with one another. For you see, Amalia and Juliette not only share all of their playthings, but also their birthdays. Their mommies befriended each other while in the hospital and as happenstance would have it, the girls were born on the same day. A closer friendship would be hard to find.

This year's birthday was soon approaching and happened to coincide with Bleuette's 100th b-day anniversary. So when Amalia's grandmother told her she was getting her a Bleuette dolly for the occasion, Amalia gleefully informed Juliette. This set off a chain of events that led to one very interesting birthday party.

Juliette, who also loves Bleuette, told her grandma of her friend's good fortune. Not to be outdone, grandma promised Juliette a Bleuette with a dress that matches her finest Sunday attire. There was no holding back Juliette as she excitedly let Amalia in on the birthday secret. Amalia imagined how beautiful Juliette and her Bleuette would look in their matching dresses. When she told her grandmother about the coordinated dresses, she seemed to get a little worked up. Amalia's grandmother not to be outdone said, "Well if you're going to have a pretty new dress with a matching one on your dolly, I'd better get to work". Much to Amalia's delight she realized how competitive grandmothers could be.

Not knowing how she'd react, Amalia told Juliette the good news. To Amalia's pleasant surprise Juliette gave her a hug and said it was wonderful that on their birthday they'd both look so beautiful with their birthday Bleuettes. They both had a little giggle over how their grandmas got so carried away, but they love them both for it.

Sharing a birthday with a best friend is a very special gift. The greatest gift of all though, is the love given by those around us, which makes every day a birthday - 365 days a year.

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