The summer fast approaches and things are all abuzz at Jaqueline's house. Every summer, for as long a she can remember, brings her annual visit to her Auntie Geraldine's country estate. Jaqueline relishes these extended stays as the entire family packs up to spend the whole summer there. The southern charm and the beautifully landscaped grounds make for oh so special a summer vacation.

Jaqueline has decided to bring her favorite new friend for the visit this year. Her name is Maddie and she is a French Bleuette. Since the stay will be for a while, Jaqueline has brought an extra outfit, shoes, and socks along in Maddie's travel trunk. To also keep her entertained she brought some of Maddie's favorite toys along in the trunk. Jaqueline's tried and true best friend, who has always accompanied her to auntie's place, is her bear Sophie. Together they have seen it all on their summer travels. With all of the things being taken to auntie's house, it's a good thing for Jaqueline that Sophie travels light. Now that everything is packed and ready to go, all that's needed is to get it all to fit in the car. That's daddy's job, though mommy usually helps by telling him how to do it from the front porch (heh heh).

Childhood summer get-a-ways are long remembered well into adult autumns. These special times of places and people long since past, continue to live on in us. The quiet times of sipping lemonade on the front porch or playing on a backyard swing are cherished memories we hold dear to our hearts.

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