Iris and the Tea Party

Iris usually conducts her tea parties on Sunday afternoons. She keeps the affair small, inviting only a few guests at a time. She wears her finest dress for the occasion, because after all she is the hostess. On this Sunday, Iris is having Miss Peaches (her favorite teddy bear friend) and Alexie her BDFF (best doll friend forever) over for tea.

Everyone was having a wonderful time until the unexpected guests arrived through Iris' open bedroom window. Two kittens appeared from out of the blue and climbed upon the table. Through the teapot and cups, the kittens glided over the table, nearly giving Iris a heart attack. One kitten jumped onto Alexie's lap and made herself comfortable while the other sipped from Miss Peaches' teacup. The guests who were at first surprised began to smile at Iris' expression of distress. Iris seeing the guests' delight looked over the scene with a new sense of comic relief. The kittens having settled in at the party had everyone now smiling and giggling. Iris then said she'd have to get two more settings for the new guests and also some more milk.

New friends can appear from the most unexpected places. Sometimes unwelcome at first, but with an open heart they're soon welcomed in. It's said, there is no free lunch in life, but new friends sure come close to one.

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