Mommy had just finished preparing Elsie for her family’s weekly Sunday dinner at grandma’s house, when she smiled and said, “Now don’t you move from that spot”. Elsie understood why mommy didn’t want her to run around and play because she might mess up her Sunday dress.

There was just one problem for Elsie though, Michael the Bear was sitting next to her on the bed. Michael is Elsie’s best friend, but he sometimes gets her in trouble. Like the time when mommy was making fudge brownies and Michael put his paw in the mix, Elsie covered for him though (that’s what best friends are for). Today there was no brownie mix just a fidgety Michael anxious to play. Michael looked at the clock on the wall then turned to Elsie and said, “Hey you’re not going to grandma’s for a while so we have time to play”. Elsie smiled because she knew he didn’t know how to tell time. Elsie then replied, “Michael, mommy said not to move and I think that means you too”. Elsie loves the way Michael always makes her smile.

Mommy inquired from the kitchen, ”Elsie did you take a slice from the apple pie we’re taking to Grandma’s?” Elsie and Michael looked at each other at the same time and smiled. Elsie knew where the slice of pie went, but she wasn’t telling.

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