Dori and Ginny

Dori and Ginny have been best friends for as long as Dori can remember. Dori loves spending Saturday afternoons going shopping with Ginny. They both have the same tastes and agree on most things. Like "peas in a pod" is how Dori's mommy describes them.

Dori has had her eye on a special handbag for a long time and has been saving her allowance to buy it. Ginny is so excited this Saturday, because it's the one that Dori is going to make her big purchase. When Dori and Ginny left the house they were taking turns carrying a cloth bag that seemed to weigh a lot. They entered the store and after some time of counting, Dori exited with her prized handbag. A beautiful travel bag with plenty of room. The only item in the bag on the way home though, was Dori's empty piggy bank. Having been stuffed with her allowance for so long the piggy was relieved to be free of the heavy burden it had been bearing.

Mommy was excited when she saw the two return home with the beautiful bag. She was a little envious though that she didn't go with them and get a new bag for herself (we all know how we ladies are when it comes to our handbags).

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