Christel has worked very hard with her dresses for the upcoming fashion show. This year’s judging will be officiated by Kenzie the Bear and everyone in the business knows what a stickler he is. Christel has designed her theme around the beautiful Austrian Empress Sissi. She’s labored on fixing her model’s hair to match Sissi’s, but the Bru complains with each tug and pull of her hair. Christel remarks to herself how difficult these French models can be.

Christel selects just the right accessories from her well stocked dolly armoire, each drawer having all the necessary accompaniments to pull the outfit together. She checks the clock to see the time is soon approaching for the show to begin. After a quick dress change Christel arrives at what she believes will be the winning costume. She tops off the look with a fashion umbrella and teddy bear and voila she’s done just in time.

The outcome is in the judge’s hands now. Judge Kenzie the Bear gives a discerning eye over all of the contestants and is impressed with this year’s entries. After some deliberations he arrives at his decision. The winner is ... Christel’s French Bru! After a short awards ceremony Christel’s mommy calls her off to lunch where she celebrates her victory with a cupcake and glass of milk.

We can all recall those grand accomplishments we experienced in our own playtimes as children. When the sweet smell of success was ours for the making and the taking. The imagination of our youth still lives on inside of us today. We too can have that occasional cupcake and glass of milk victory celebration (just don’t worry about the calories too much)...

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