Celia's Haute Couture

Celia's shop is located in the downtown area along with many other fine retailers. She caters to a high brow clientele with very exquisite tastes. Her master tailor is Monsieur Francois who does all her alterations. He always makes the customers feel comfortable and is quite impressive with his cape and cute accent. Celia also gets design tips from her best bear friend forever (bbff) Letizia. When Celia is asked to make a new dress, it's Letizia's fine eye for color that ties the overall look together.

Today Celia has two sisters, Marie and Louise in her shop. Marie has had a new dress made and is getting a final fitting by M. Francois. Louise thinks the dress is beautiful and holds a mirror for Marie to see how great it looks on her. Their mother who is a real stickler for detail sent the girls to the shop to buy them each a dress for and upcoming gala. The girls, for who fashion is a way of life, were thrilled to find out that their dresses were going to come from Celia's shop. It was going to be the event of the year and Marie and Louise would be the belles of the ball.

For Celia the shop is a labor of love and she works diligently building her business. She searches for the finest materials for all her dresses. From Swiss Baptiste to Silk Dupioni, ivory buttons, and antique lace, Celia only uses the best. Celia's workday is usually interrupted at noontime when her mommy calls her for lunch and inquires as to how things going down at the shop.

Those days of youth when future occupations were performed out of entertainment sure seemed to pass by so fast. We all aspire to hang on to our dreams and some are fortunate to do so but we can all still dream.

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