Berti - Springtime

Berti is an adventurous little girl who enjoys an occasional expedition into the wilds of her grandparents' attic. The gentle springtime breeze makes the attic comfortable and the many windows provide ample lighting so there's no need for a flashlight. Berti loves staying with grandma and grandpa, but it does have its good and bad points. For instance, her grandparents dote over her constantly which is great, but it also means she'll be away from her friends Thea, Kali and Kira back at home.

Berti usually likes to look at the things just lying about, but on this adventure she was determined to delve deep inside the uncharted boxes and trunks. As she foraged through the large boxes in the attic she was startled by what sounded like a muffled voice. "Allo, is there someone out there?" inquired the voice from a dusty old trunk. Berti was taken aback. She slowly opened the trunk from which the voice emanated. To her surprise she saw something moving under a blanket. She removed the blanket and found a little man wearing a funny hat. "Who are you?", she asked. "I am Monsieur Dubois, Captain of the Guard.", was his reply. "Why are you in this trunk?", Berti further inquired. "It is an outrage that I am in here!", scoffed the little man. Berti then notice strings tied to all four limbs of Monsieur Dubois and connected to a crossbar. She gathered her courage and reached into the box and pulled the little man up by the crossbar. Monsieur Dubois dangled about and protested this intrusion. Berti then realized that the little man was in fact a marionette like the ones she saw doing a play in the park. Unlike those in the park though, Monsieur Dubois could do all the talking for himself. His protests died down a bit as he began to feel the pleasure of not being cooped up in the trunk anymore. "What is your name little girl?", asked the marionette. "My name is Berti and I'm staying here at my grandparents house.", was her courteous response. "I guess I owe you an apology.", mumbled Monsieur Dubois. "I've been in that trunk for so long I'd forgotten my manners.", Monsieur Dubois said in a conciliatory tone. "Thank you for releasing me, I am forever in your debt.", pledged the repentant little man. "Oh, forget about it.", quipped Berti. " I am happy to be of help. You must be starving after all that time locked up?", added Berti. "Well, I would much appreciate a croissant avec fromage.", replied the marionette. "I'm sure my grandma will have something good for lunch.", said Berti assuredly. The two new friends made their way downstairs to grandma's kitchen where a fabulous lunch was awaiting them. For the rest of the day Berti learned of all of Monsieur Dubois exploits and couldn't wait to introduce him to all of her friends the next time they met in the park.

One never knows where they'll meet a new friend. Like a child, we can all learn to be open to new experiences. After all, friendship is the best gift someone can both give as well as receive.

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