Abby and Coco

Abby first met Coco when mommy and daddy brought her
home from the shelter. They said she needed a good home and Abby knew she would have one at their house. Abby thought Coco's
name was just right because it sounds so chic just like her mommy's favorite perfume.

Saturday is a special day for Abby and Coco. They stroll

downtown to pickup a few things and to do a lot of
window-shopping. Abby likes the boutiques with the latest
fashions on display, while Coco enjoys the cuts of meat in
the butcher shop window. Before returning home Abby always
stops at the sweets shop to buy a giant chocolate chip cookie
that she snaps in two, half for her and of course half for Coco.

Finding a new friend is a wonderful experience. The good

times shared and memories made last a lifetime. To open one's
heart to care for another is what makes life such a joyous journey.

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